Thursday, October 22, 2009


Hello hello hello! I have been reading and following a certain number of blogs (largely fashion and the odd baby animal site) for about a year and have finally decided to buck up and write my own. I am going to start my blogging career by being an annoying fangirl (i know, i know) BUT! this is just so rad. Last night i attended Scott Schuman's book signing at the Paul Smith store here in san francisco. As i was preparing to leave my roommate woke up from a nap, i showed her his book and convinced her to come wait in line with me, she proved herself to be even more awesome by wearing my torture heels for much of the line. Once downtown we waited three hours, made a couple of new friends and i got giddy. finally around 11:15 we were in the store! everyone in there was so nice and then! there he was!!!! as the people in front of me left it was finally my turn! as i walked up the few steps to the table where he sat (scott schuman! the sartorialist! what?!) he said something to the effect of "You're adorable!" (i can't remember his words exactly because at that moment i died twice) he and my roommate confirmed that i was indeed adorable (SCOTT SCHUMAN! THE SARTORIALIST!) and he had a chuckle at my book, which, is full of post-its on almost every page. He opened the book and shared a picture secret and signed the book and then had me sit down next to him for a picture, and i was dead some more. HE WAS SO NICE!!!! seriously, so super nice, everyone was so nice! When it was time to go I thanked him and said goodbye and he said "goodbye adorable girl and her roommate!" and then i was happy forever, to make things even better several people took my picture with my post-it-ed book. It was an AWESOME night and i almost peed myself. i walked home without my heels in my tights clad feet, skipping every few steps and generally being cheery and spunky after midnight on a wednesday night. what a special night.